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Nov 10, 2009 6:00pm EST
to the shutdown of nearly one-third of oil and gas production in the gulf. former astronaut lisa nowak pleaded guilty today to attacking another woman in 2007. they had been dating the same man, a former space shuttle pilot. nowak, a navy captain, drove from texas to florida, and assaulted the woman with pepper spray. she also carried a steel mallet, a knife and other articles. under a plea bargain, nowak was sentenced to one year's probation. and still to come on the newshour tonight: finding refuge; health care cost cutting; and watching "sesame street." that follows the latest on the fort hood investigation. gwen ifill has our story. >> ifill: as military and civilian leaders were paying their respects at fort hood today, army major nidal malik hasan continued to recuperate in a texas hospital. he remains the sole suspect in last week's shootings, and investigators there and in washington are stepping up their inquiry into his background and possible motives. joining us for more on that investigation are dana priest, military affairs reporter for "the washington post;" and josh meyer, who c
Nov 18, 2009 12:00pm EST
on here. tell me about how you made some of the choices that are on here. >> well, "mona lisa," is on there. tavis: i sing in the television, in the shower, anywhere. [laughter] tavis>> i like that song, "monaa ." when this album came around, i wanted to put this on the record. we recorded it in capital studios here in los angeles which is where nat recorded. his piano is the panel that i played. it is intimidating. the familiarity is still there. it is like in the same room that he did it. his aura is still there. he is not me and i'm not him. i'm not trying to be better than him. i'm just try to sing a tune much like an actor. that is what i was involved with. there were many that are a joy to sing. tavis: give me the one that you are most shaky about. not sure this for the belongs to you. >> it would probably be the elton john song and the billy joel song. tavis: "your songs," is the title track. >> most of the songs were written by songwriters and were performed by singers. the common thread between "and i love her," and the beatles and "just the way you are," is that the
Nov 16, 2009 6:00pm EST
of western civilization. this is mona lisa we have a photo here. >> the mona lisa was one of 400,000 works of art evacuated from the louvre in a matter of a few weeks trying to keep them out of war's path. of course initially the concern was to try to get them out of way of damage from bombings and fires. but in the course of time it was to try and keep them away from the nazis in the theft that went on. so the monuments men arrived on the ground there were no more than a dozen of them in all of northern europe responsible for covering a vast, vast area. there was a separate group of monuments men in italy charged with this awesome responsibility. really no play book, if you will. many of them were hitchhiking across europe. they were pathetically resourced but they were empowered by this monumental order by general eisenhower that said we will protect cultural treasures so much as war allows. nd that really was a sea change in how this army went about fighting a war on the one hand, trying to mitigate damage to cultural treasures. >> there are so many amazing people and stories here. is t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3